Creating a Brighter Future for Our Associates

Investing $1 Billion to Continue Raising Wages and Industry-leading Benefits

We value our associates because they are the foundation of our success. Following the merger close, Kroger will…

  • Invest an additional $1 billion to raise wages and comprehensive, industry-leading benefits

  • Cultivate a best-in-class associate experience to support and empower associates to reach their full potential

  • Create new and exciting opportunities for our associates

Building on Our Strong Track Record of Supporting Our Associates

Our associates enable our success, and we are committed to investing in theirs.

Since 2018, Kroger's incremental wage investments total


Providing More Resources for Education and Development to 700,000+ Associates

The combined company has committed to providing part-time and full-time associates with additional resources including $21,000 of reimbursement toward higher learning or continued development and expanded access to its Goldman Sachs Ayco financial coaching tool.

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Securing the Long-Term Future of Union Jobs

Kroger is proud to operate unionized grocery stores, and this merger will allow us to continue this track record

What People Are Saying:

“The comprehensive divestiture plan with C&S Wholesale Grocers promises that all frontline associates remain employed, and existing collective bargaining agreements, including industry-leading health care and pension benefits, are maintained.”

Cory Gardner

Former U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, and Colorado State Representative

“From a free market perspective, Kroger and Albertsons are doing what needs to be done to compete in a competitive marketplace while considering the importance of retaining jobs and maintaining customer choice. The Kroger Albertsons merger may be the final chance to level the playing field to improve competition, create more choice and provide local jobs in the community.”

Mark Harmsworth

Washington Policy Center, Small Business Center Director

“Future union membership levels depend on the ability of Kroger and other supermarket chains to compete effectively. Kroger has a history of being a good corporate citizen, both benefiting the labor force and the consumer.”

Burt Flickinger

Strategic Resource Group, Founder

"This merger has the potential to be great for the region and great for workers. I’ve been in touch with Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen. He knows that companies like Kroger need to work collaboratively with their unions if they want to succeed in the future. This would make them one of the largest union employers in the country, if they do this right.”

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

"If this merger turns out to increase the productivity of the grocery business, and the food products business in the U.S., that's going to lead to a net increase in jobs across all sectors in the U.S."

Steven Peterson

University of Idaho, Associate Clinical Professor of Economics

"Kroger and Albertsons are union companies. In the past ten years, Kroger has created over 100,000 union jobs in partnership with the United Food and Commercial Workers. As a result of this merger, Kroger may become the nation’s largest union company, which is a big deal for our region and the country. Kroger is in a position to prove that good business and good jobs are absolutely linked. In Kroger, we have an American and hometown company that could show folks how to grow responsibly.

Kroger has a long history of keeping prices low, and at a time when families need lower prices at the grocery store, they must stand by that commitment on pricing, because it will help families across the country. I appreciate that Kroger has already pledged to continue lowering prices after the merger. Having a hometown company, one that is accountable to its community, workers, and customers – not just shareholders – operate America’s grocery stores makes a difference in protecting union jobs and keeping food prices low.”

U.S. Congressman Greg Landsman (D-OH)

"If Kroger and Albertsons are stopped from combining resources …to remain competitive, all – not just some – of their employees may be looking for a new job."

Jessica Melugin

Competitive Enterprise Institute, Director of Center for Technology & Innovation