Lowering Prices and Serving More of America with Fresh, High-Quality and Affordable Food

Keeping Everyday Prices Affordable on Products Customers Love, Want and Need While Making Grocery Shopping Easy

Lowering prices for customers is an essential part of Kroger’s business model. Following the merger close, Kroger will invest:

to lower prices starting day one
to enhance customer experience

These investments build on Kroger’s proven track record of lowering prices:

foundation of providing affordable food
invested since 2003 to lower prices

Kroger's mergers have delivered savings for customers which proves we follow through on our commitments:

invested to lower prices following Harris Teeter merger in 2014
invested to lower prices following Roundy's merger in 2017

Delivering Quality, Value and Choice

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Serve America with Fresher Food, Faster:

Delivers broader portfolio of the freshest products through an expanded store network, optimized supply chain and enhanced capabilities

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Provides a Personalized Experience to Help Customers Save Money and Live Healthier Lives

Establishes one of the most comprehensive first-party data repositories in the food and retail space to develop an even more compelling retail loyalty program; provides unmatched personalized experience and promotes healthier lifestyles

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Expanded Our Brands Portfolio to Offer Customers Higher Quality and Better Value:

Brings together Kroger and Alberstons Cos.’ private label portfolios to offer customers a wider range of products at affordable prices with enhanced innovation capabilities and an increased manufacturing footprint to continue to drive improved quality

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Seamless Customer Experience Requiring Zero Compromise:

Creates a single seamless ecosystem to offer a more personalized and convenient omnichannel experience to serve customers anything, anytime, anywhere with zero compromise on quality, selection and affordability

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Our Commitment: No Store Closures Related to the Merger

Kroger will not close any stores, distribution centers or manufacturing facilities as a result of the merger.

What People Are Saying:

“That’s why I believe this one… makes too much sense for the American people, which is what we really care about.”

Jim Cramer

CNBC Mad Money


“[Lowering prices] is actually part of how Kroger competes… Kroger lowers prices to attract more customers, which allows them to make up sales on volume.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

"This deal could provide some food pricing relief for consumers, With Aldi, Lidl and other discount grocers coming in, this positions Kroger to drive the market forward."

Ken Fenyo

President of Research at Coresight

"An argument can be made that a stronger combined company could possibly help reduce food inflation …  It would also mean greater competition for food manufacturers... This comes at a time when consumers are increasingly looking for value and trading into private brands to help reduce the strain of higher food prices."

Krisztina Katai

Deutsche Bank


"…allowing Kroger and Albertsons to merge will likely mean a more, not less, competitive market in the long run…Consumers deserve better when it’s a matter of putting food on the table."

Clyde Wayne Crews

Competitive Enterprise Institute, Vice President for Policy

"Specifically, we see opportunities for KR to help improve ACI’s business through better pricing, further improving loyalty/usage of data, and operating a bit more centralized without losing local advantages. And there are likely some ways that ACI can help KR as well, such as in fresh categories."

Scott Bender

Cleveland Research

"… given KR’s more aggressive focus on price gaps, we would expect some level of future price investment."

Simeon Gutman

Morgan Stanley